Bill Miller
— Bill Miller —

"Always great food and service. Friendly. Great new location."

Jaque Leffler
— Jaque Leffler —

"This is a 50's and 60's diner food is top notch and the service is as well. Great atmosphere, parking also convenient."

Jaque Leffler
— Cherity Pettingill —

"We eat here all the time on the weekend. Great food Great Service. They have something for everyone from great omelets to best burgers around."

Jaque Leffler
— Candie Brewer —

"The kids and I popped in for breakfast, as did every other person in the county! Very crowded and noisy but the food and service were great. Will definitely be back. Oh and the coffee was great!"

Jaque Leffler
— Linda Mudge —

"Bobbie Gees is a great place to eat. They are very busy in there new place so be patient! The food is as good as ever!"

Jaque Leffler
— Karen Swindle —

"They have a great breakfast and great service… servers are very nice!!! Thanks y'all for a great eating experience & attention!"

Jaque Leffler
— Roger Plank —

"I have been reading some off the reviews on the Bobby Gees Restaurant. I come to Bobby Gees almost everyday. I yet to get bad service at this place. Been going there ever since they opened up the old place. Some people just can’t be pleased about anything. All they like to do is Complain about something. All them that give them a 2 or 3 star need to wake up an enjoy life. I give them a 5 Star.and always will. They R hard workers. Service is grate. Thank’s!"

Jaque Leffler
— Ricky Lee walker —

"Clean, service very fast and the food is very good. Love the Happy feel you get when you open the door."

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