Bobby Gee's Diner

Bobby Gee's Diner
Rewind the 50/60's — A Blast from the Past

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Annual CRUISE-IN Dates 2023

At Bobby Gee’s Diner located at 131 S. Main Street in McKenzie, TN

Cruise-In Dates 2023

Please, come on in and visit for fantastic cars, great food, and prizes!

Bringing Smiles One Plate at a Time!

FREE Ice Cream for All!
Welcome — We hope to see y’all on the next Cruise-In!

Last 2023 Cruise-In

All dates for the Annual Cruise-In are the 2nd Saturday of the month. Dates for 2023 are: May 13, July 8 & August 26 at 3—7 PM 

The pictures above are from previous years!