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“Best Burgers in Town"

Southern-Inspired Comfort Food at reasonable prices!

Bobby Gee's Diner strive to bring you quality food at reasonable prices that your family can afford and present a nice retro friendly  environment, fine foods and fast, friendly service. We enjoy bringing all of this to McKenzie, Tennessee!

Only at Bobby Gee's Diner

It is well worth visiting Bobby Gee's just to see the Memorabilia and of course, the great food, with a monthly drawing for a FREE burger basket, Breakfast Anytime, Yummy desserts, Daily Specials and Senior Citizen Breakfasts are served — 55 and older — and more!

BoBby Gee's Diner was voted as #10 on the list

10. Bobby Gee's Diner 
McKenzie, TN

Decked out in retro from floor to ceiling, you’ll think you’ve stepped straight into a scene from “Grease.” Tennessee comfort food meets the classic 50s-style diner to delight your taste buds, where you can grab a table or belly up to the lunch counter just like the good ol’ days. While you’re waiting for your meal (you won’t be waiting long), there’s plenty of memorabilia decorating the walls you’ll want to explore.

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Smoked Sausage with hash browns and 2 eggs.


Taco Omelet with hash browns and toast.

Lunch Special

Salmon Pattie with salad and eggs.

Sweet Delights

Turtle Waffle with ice cream, pecans, syrups & whipped cream.


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At Bobby Gee's Diner in McKenzie, TN.
Annual Cruise-In Dates: May 11, June 8, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14, 2019 
3:00 pm — 7:00 pm

Please, come on in and visit for great food, fantastic cars and prizes!

Bringing Smiles One Plate at a Time!

Breakfast Anytime

At Bobby Gee's Diner
in McKenzie, TN

Breakfast- and Lunch Specials for Seniors! 
Take a look at our Breakfast-, Lunch-, Dessert- and Kids Menus.
We also have a Star Rated Menu where you can add the number of stars you like! More pictures needed!

New Food on the Menu

Cold Plate

Cold Plate

Taco Stuffed Tomato

Taco Stuffed Tomato

New food
Sandwich of the Month
Burger Winner

The next Classic Car Cruise-In of 2019 is scheduled 
for June 8 at 3pm —!

Please, come on in and visit for great food, fantastic cars and prizes — FREE Ice Cream for All! 
Welcome — We hope to see y'all on the 11th!

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