We wanted to let everyone know that due to a small contained fire that broke out this afternoon at Bobby Gee's Diner we unfortunately will be closed hopefully not more than a week or so.


Due to the fire, Our April Cruise will be cancelled. Our First Cruise will be May 12. Please share this for as much as you can to let all the surrounding area cruisers know. 
Bobby Gee's Diner


UDATE ON Bobby Gee's DIner 
Yesterday the Insurance adjuster was out to access all damages, Servall Restoration has been out to access the work they will need to do. our Hood vent company was out today to remove the hood vent and all of its components. Bobby, Devin Towne and Dallas Barker, removed all the burned up kitchen equipment. Our daughter Julia and Janet Jordan, Sandra Hernandez, Kristen Tovar, our son Matthew and our granddaughter Kristy, clean and disposed of a lot of debris and cleaned a lot our of dry stock products, and coolers, and got it donated to family’s of need in the area. 
Tomorrow Servall will start the restoration, and there estimating 4-6 weeks maybe sooner just depends on the extent of damage done in the kitchen. Thanks everyone for your prayers and kind words. We can’t wait to get back to doing what we love. Bobby Gees Diner is our life, our lively hood , our home away from home. We are very sad about all this, but we remain with our heads high, and know that We have a Awesome God who has been with us every step of the way. 
SO THAT WE CAN REACH AS MANY OF OF FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS AS WE CAN. We are mindful that everyone does not have Facebook. Our faithful friends and customers come from all over. Keep all of our employees in your prayers, and all the people diligently working hard to get us up and running as soon as possible.
We love y’all 
Bobby & Cindy Gaylord - Owners / operators of Bobby Gees Diner