Star Rated Menu Description

The Star Rated Menu includes pictures, description of food, price and of course the Stars! You can see what other guests have rated a specific food item also a Review. On each table at Bobby Gee's Diner is a small "Table Tent"-sign where you can see a QR-Code looking like the picture below (of course you can scan this picture):

You can scan the little black/white picture with your Smart Phone. You need a QR-Code scanner for your phone which are available on the Internet for free. We are using this one: Scan the code and it will take you directly to the Star Rated Menu where you can search for Categories. In this example we picked Tasty Salads. We need lots of pictures, if you have any we would appreciate if you could email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. — IMPORTANT: Enter Star Rated Menu in the Subject Field! We appreciate if you could rate what you are eating as that will help other guests! Thanks in advance!


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